Facebook Ads – 7 Tricks To Getting The Best Out of Facebook Ads 

A phone displaying the Facebook app

People love Facebook a lot. Who wouldn’t love a platform where you can connect with millions of other users? Facebook currently has an average of 1.09 billion active users – from businesses to CEOs and students. With stats like this, it is easy to see why people consider Facebook one of the best marketing platforms. […]

Branding 101: Branding Guidelines for Small Businesses

How to brand your business

As a small business owner, coming across Apple or Nike as examples of good brands may sound overwhelming. It may sound like ‘branding’ is meant for top companies only. That’s a myth. No matter how small your business is, good branding is worth investing in.  Also, you do not need a Nike-sized account balance to […]

Ultimate Guide to Creating A Content Calendar

A man writing in a content calendar

Have you ever wondered how your favourite brands always have good content going out? How do they manage to keep pace with the trends? How are their social media pages organised?  A number of things go into their almost perfect content marketing strategies. This article will give you a sneak peek into one of the […]

How To Make Your Mobile App Visible On The App Store

With more than 1.5 million apps in the Apple and Android mobile app stores, mobile app marketers face the huge challenge of achieving discoverability, sustained user engagement and, ultimately, monetization. There is a need to market your mobile app correctly or you risk your app getting lost among the plethora of apps available for users […]


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