15 Banner Ad Design Tips to Get More Clicks

If you are looking to increase your online traffic, then running banner ads can help. They are affordable, effective, and great for building brand awareness. In this article, we highlight some effective banner ad design tips. What is a Web Banner Ad? Web banner ad is a form of marketing that involves creating clickable ads […]

If you are looking to increase your online traffic, then running banner ads can help. They are affordable, effective, and great for building brand awareness. In this article, we highlight some effective banner ad design tips.

What is a Web Banner Ad?

Web banner ad is a form of marketing that involves creating clickable ads that are then embedded on a website. They can appear in different places on web pages, including the header, sidebar, and footer. 

Usually, banner ads showcase a product, brand, event, or service and when clicked links to the website where customers can make a purchase. The purpose of the banner ad is to get people’s attention and drive traffic through clicks. 

Some advantages of an online advertising banner include the following: 

1: Increased Website Traffic

The goal of every banner ad is to get traffic to your site. When people click through on your ads, they are automatically redirected to your website. Now, the key to getting high click-through rates from your website is by offering something interesting. 

2: Grow Brand Awareness 

Another benefit of online advertising banners is that it attracts customers’ attention and will grow your brand awareness. When website visitors come across your banner ads, they will become familiar with your brand and what you offer. 

Also, banner ads let you target specific customers that are likely to find interest in your product. For example, you can create a web banner ad design targeted at young women. 

3: Increase Sales and Revenue

Every business owner is in business to make sales and money. Banner ads are a very cost-effective marketing technique to increase your sales and revenues. When you invest in great banner ads, you get to grow your brand awareness and increase click-through rates. All of these will translate into increased sales and earnings from your business.


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Tips to Make Great Banner Ads

Trying to make banner ads that result in increased website traffic and sales? Try out the general guidelines and banner ad design tips below:

1: Size Matters

It’s essential that you use the standard and most effective sizes for your banner ads. This is because the size of your ad can determine whether people will click on it or not. 

According to Google AdSense, the standard sizes for a web ad design should be: 

Large Rectangle: 336 x 280px

Half Page: 300 x 600px

Medium Rectangle: 300 x 250px 

Leaderboard: 728 x 90px 

Your size will depend on your distribution platform, as different channels require different ad sizes. When creating a web ad design, ensure that you consider the size that will work best for the website your banner will appear.

2: Place the Ads Correctly 

Another essential tip for your banner ads is placing them correctly. It’s best that you purchase space on a website that will display your design above the fold and close to the main content of a page. Placing it in this position ensures that it’s the first thing a visitor sees before any other content on the page. You should also ensure that you purchase space on a website with good enough traffic and that your potential customers use it. 

3. Focus on Logo and Value Proposition 

Your logo is essential when building brand awareness, so you must include it in your banner ads. Also, ensure it is visible on the banner ads but not as dominant as the value proposition or other texts. 

Another vital part of the google ads banner design is the value proposition. You should show how attractive your offer is or why people should choose you. Some value proposition phrases you can use include Limited Time Offer, High Quality, 10% Discount. This should take the most space in your banner ad to attract people. 

4. Keep It Simple

One of the essential tips for creating a great banner ad design is to keep things simple. Keep the design simple, and don’t add too many words. As a rule, your copy shouldn’t be more than four lines.

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5. Always Add a Call to Action 

Your banner ad design should have a call to action button that urges your audience to make a click. Your CTA button should be concise and clear and contain words that invite viewers to click. This could be Learn More, View Offer, or Buy Now, and it’s best to place it on the bottom right of the banner where people’s eyes are likely to end. 

6. Try Using Amination

Using animation for your advertisement banner design will help your banner stand out and catch visitors’ attention. Animated banners are better and get higher clicks than normal ones. When using animation, ensure it doesn’t last more than 15 seconds and doesn’t loop more than 3 times. 

7. Start and End Frame Focus

When creating a banner ad, it is best to focus on what people will see first and what they will see last. This is because that is what people remember, so in the case of a banner ad, you should focus on the start and end frames. 

8. Use High-Quality Images

It’s okay to use images in your banner ads but only use high-quality photos. Avoid using stock or random pictures, and ensure your image doesn’t make the banner too crowded. You can also add graphics, illustrations, and other visual elements to improve your graphics. Also, only use images that are relevant to your brand or the content of the ad. You can add pictures of your product, a model, or something related to your brand. 

9. Use Colors Wisely

Colors are important for every design, including display ads design. This is because colors evoke certain emotions, and the type of colors you use can influence your ad performance. Try and maintain brand consistency when choosing colors for your banner ads. This means you should choose colors that match your website and landing pages.


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10. Make Your Text Readable

Asides from making your text short, you also need to make it readable, as people’s eyes will scan through it fast. It’s recommended to use clear fonts (make sure the font isn’t too tiny) and make your copy, headline, and CTA of different sizes. Also, avoid cursive fonts, all uppercase copy, and too tiny font-weight. 

Other Tips To Optimize Your Mobile Banner Design

Asides from the design of your banner ads, you also need to optimize your ad for great performance. 

Some of the tips to optimize your ads include: 

11: Target the Right Audience

It’s important to target the right audience when launching a marketing campaign because this will determine whether it will be successful or not. To target the right audience, you need to identify your ideal customer. Who are those likely to buy from you? Where are they from? Are they men or women? 

Once you identify your ideal customers, you can tailor your ads specifically for them. 

12: Use Keywords In Your Banner Copy

Including relevant keywords in your ad copy can increase your ranking on search engines. This means you will likely get more clicks, and your display ads design will reach people interested in your product. Also, it’s best to use emotive words in your copy and make it clear to people what you’re offering.

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13: Offer an Incentive

A great way to get people’s attention with your banner ad is by offering an incentive that is hard to ignore. You can offer a discount, a flash sale, or other deals to get users interested in your offer. For example, you can offer a 10% discount to people who click on your banner ad. 

14: Ensure Your Google Ads Banner Design Are Mobile Friendly 

If you want your banner ads to load fast and appear on mobile devices, you need to optimize them for mobile. Many people will probably come across your ad via a mobile device, so responsive banners are the key. 

15: Measure Your Banner Ad Success 

There is no point in creating an advertisement banner design if the ads are not helping you reach your goal. An excellent way to ensure your ads are performing is by keeping track of key metrics and measuring their success. This includes tracking the number of views, click-through rate, and the percentage of conversions from the clicks. 

With this, you can have better insights into improving your banner ad for better performance. 


In conclusion, banner ads are cost-effective advertising tools that can help businesses boost brand awareness and drive sales. However, remember that your banner ads should have a great design and be well-optimized for users. Using these banner ad design tips will help you ensure you create ads that perform well.

Happy Marketing!

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